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Tax Exempt - App
Adding a tax exempt entry to a customer. Visit http://www.gearcoinc.com for more information.

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Wednesday 07-Dec-2022
Tax Exempt - App
Adding a tax exempt entry to a customer. Visit http://www.gearcoinc.com for more information.
Check Out - Cloud Based Training
Learn how to check out a guest. At a hotel, check out is normally required at the end of the stay. In some cases, payment maybe required upon check out or in other cases, such as pre-paid hotels,...
Adjustment - Cloud Based Training
Learn how to adjust money on a posted transaction. When a transaction needs to be modified, an adjustment can be made to debit or credit the transaction. This cloud based training video shows...
Get the Exposure You Deserve - Products
At Gearco, we brought together the perfect solutions to boost your business. Millions of people use travel agencies, online websites, social networks, and email promotions to make their travel...
Closeout - Cloud Based Training
Learn how to closeout a shift or end of day. At a hotel, closeout occurs at the end of a shift or business day. During this process, all payments collected within the system are balanced against...

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